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Call out a #goodhuman in your life.

Call out a #goodhuman in your life. Do one simple thing to lift someone’s day, week, month by tagging them on social media and letting them know they’re valued. Make it public. Make it a surprise. And when you do, you’ll feel like a #goodhuman too.

Two easy steps to call out a #goodhuman:

  1. Go to your favourite social media platform
  2. Write a simple post – add a photo or video if you like – acknowledging someone for being a #goodhuman. If you’re not sure how to start, here are some ideas

'I’m calling out @Name for being the best kind of #goodhuman. <Write about what makes them a good human>.'

'My friend @Name is a shining example of a #goodhuman. Here’s why:'

'Shout out to @Name for being a #goodhuman.'

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