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Your kindness helps rebuild communities

In the aftermath of disaster, people like Kerrie are determined to get back on their feet. With your donation, Red Cross will be there, supporting them every step of the way.

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This March, the people of northern New South Wales and Queensland will mark one year since Cyclone Debbie raged through their homes.

The camera crews have moved on, but our Red Cross staff and volunteers are still there, helping people to rebuild their lives.

Your donation to the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery fund, will help to:

  • Ensure communities get help and information to better prepare for disasters
  • Provide emotional and practical support in times of crisis
  • Connect people with the services they need to rebuild and recover.

Kerrie lost everything when Cyclone Debbie struck

Kerrie was recovering from chemotherapy, living a quiet life as a local artist in Lismore, when a torrent of floodwater raced through her home. The next thing she knew, everything she owned was piled up outside, caked in mud. Thanks to generous people like you, Red Cross was there to help.

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Your gift to Red Cross will help people and communities prepare, respond to, and recover from natural disasters like Cyclone Debbie.

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