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Regular Donation

Giving a regular donation is our recommended option. Your donation will help Red Cross support the most vulnerable people in our local communities, here in Australia and across the Asia Pacific.


$ Surprise us

Over 12 months:

  • $23 a month, $0.76 a day - Could help with a dignity kit with toothpaste, shampoo, sanitary pads and other items.
  • $34 a month, $1.12 a day - Can equip an Aussie child to prepare for an emergency
  • $52 a month, $1.71 a day - Could help a young person with pre-employment checks to kick start their career

Be there. No matter what.

When people face disaster, poverty and isolation, you can be there for them. No matter what.

You can be there for people like Jack, Laisa and their three young children, who lost everything when the Manaro volcano on the island of Ambae, Vanuatu erupted and destroyed their home. Vanuatu Red Cross helped evacuate people off the island, and provided Jack, Laisa and other families with essentials like cooking equipment, food and emergency shelter.

A regular donation can be life changing for people in need, just like Jack and Laisa.

Your donation at work

For more than 100 years Red Cross supporters have been standing up for humankind all over the world. Together we work to prevent suffering and ensure people can live safe and dignified lives in peace.

Helping in disasters and emergencies

Bushfires, cyclones, disease outbreaks and famines, Red Cross teams are on the ground in disaster hot spots across Australia and the world.

Helping young people succeed

We’re making sure young people have the chance to succeed and aren't held back by poverty, discrimination or past mistakes.

Enabling people to live safely and independently

One in four Australians feels socially excluded. We’re helping people beat loneliness and isolation.

Addressing homelessness and poverty

More than 3 million people in Australia live in poverty. Thanks to donors like you, we can help people make ends meet.