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Disaster Response and Recovery

The funds you raise towards our Disaster Response and Recovery work will enable Red Cross teams to do their work: preparing people for emergencies, providing comfort and care when disasters happen, and supporting people and communities as they recover afterwards.


$ Surprise us

Disasters can strike without warning. Together, we can make sure no one has to face it alone.  

Every day Red Cross supports people affected by disasters and emergencies. Right now, our Recovery Officers are at work in bushfire, flood and cyclone-affected communities. And our Emergency Response teams are gearing up for yet another disaster season. 

We help people prepare for disasters and reduce their risks before they happen. When disasters strike, we are trained and equipped to respond immediately. And when the danger has passed, we stay with communities for as long as it takes, helping people to recover safely and with dignity.  

With another disaster season upon us, it’s more important now than ever before, that we are ready and able to help these communities, so they do not have to face these disasters and emergencies alone. Our volunteers and staff are busy preparing communities across Australia to be ready for anything.  

Your donations mean that Red Cross can be there to help people before, during and after disasters and other emergencies in Australia. Thank you.  

Australian Post

Australia Post is proud to partner with Australian Red Cross to support disaster preparedness, response and recovery programs that help ensure Australians get the help they need - when they need it most. 
You can also support our efforts by donating at your local participating Post Office.


Australian Red Cross will not deduct more than 10 per cent of money raised to cover indirect essential costs such as collecting and administrating donations, IT costs and overheads.