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Stand with people like Kerrie

In March last year, Cyclone Debbie made headlines when it devastated communities across Northern

New South Wales and East Queensland. The camera crews have all moved on – but the story isn’t over for Kerrie.

Kerrie had been living a quiet life as a local artist in Lismore for 36 years when a torrent of floodwater raced through her home.

“The next thing I knew everything I owned was piled up outside, caked in mud. I lost photos of my kids, that was the hardest,” she said.

Kerrie and the members of her community were determined to overcome the trauma that natural disaster brought to their doorstep. And there to help were Red Cross staff and volunteers.

Red Cross stood with the Lismore community as Cyclone Debbie hit, setting up recovery centres, cleaning up damage and going door-to-door to share information or lend a hand.

And thanks to supporters like you, and our big-hearted volunteers, Red Cross is still there, helping the community come together through vital projects such as self-care and recovery workshops.

Your gift to Red Cross will help people and communities prepare, respond to, and recover from natural disasters like Cyclone Debbie.

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