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In a world facing more disasters than ever before, no community should be left unprepared and without help. In a country where billions of dollars of food is wasted every year, no child should go to school hungry. In a hyper connected world, no elderly person should feel lonely and isolated.

With your help, our neighbours in at-risk villages in the Asia Pacific region will be better prepared to survive the next major disaster. Aussie kids will get a healthy breakfast at school when they might otherwise have gone hungry, and elderly Australians will receive a reassuring daily phone call to help them stay safe and independent at home.

Please make a tax deductible donation to support Red Cross before 30 June.

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Donate Now

No one should feel lonely and isolated

Trish lives alone and receives a daily phone call from Red Cross to help her stay safe and independent. When Trish became severely ill and collapsed, unable to get up or call for help, it was the phone call from Red Cross that saved her.

No community should be unprepared and cut off by a disaster

When earthquakes, floods and fires storms strike, it can take years to rebuild and recover. You can help us train local volunteers with life-saving evacuation procedures and first aid and together, we can reduce the devastating impact of future disasters.

No Aussie child should go to school hungry

One in six kids in Australia regularly go to school without breakfast. With your help we can continue running breakfast clubs in schools, providing the most important meal of the day to thousands of vulnerable kids around Australia.