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Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

As bushfires affect communities across Australia on an unprecedented scale, Red Cross is right there, providing practical, local support where it's needed to tens of thousands of people during and after the emergencies.

It’s all thanks to people like you.

Learn more about what Red Cross is doing and how your donations are helping in our regular updates.

Our commitment to you

In January of this year, funds to our Disaster Relief and Recovery fund started to significantly increase. We made the following public commitments about the use of donations made to the fund from July 1, 2019:

  • Apart from $5m used to fund Red Cross emergency teams this year, all other funds will be used to support those affected by bushfires.

  • Assistance will be provided to individuals and communities impacted by bushfires that have occurred across Australia since July 1, 2019. 

  • Up to 10 cents in the dollar will be used for essential administration support costs. We are working to keep these costs as low as possible.

  • All interest earned will be contributed back to the fund. 

  • All funds will be used in Australia only.

Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery

How your donation to Disaster Relief and Recovery helps

  • Supporting people at evacuation centres and recovery hubs

  • Psychological first aid to reduce trauma

  • Emergency assistance (including cash grants to people who have lost homes in these bushfires)

  • Supporting our volunteers and covering their expenses

  • Longer-term recovery programs in disaster-affected communities

  • Helping families and communities prepare for disasters

  • Essential costs like transport, office space, finance and IT systems

Please note donations are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Donations of AUD$2 or more are tax-deductible for Australian taxation purposes. You will receive a receipt by email. Red Cross is unable to provide advice to international donors regarding the tax-deductibility status of their donations.

People whose homes were destroyed or structurally damaged, as well as people hospitalised for injuries in the fires, can apply for an emergency grant at

You can see current Red Cross volunteering opportunities or register your interest in assisting Red Cross disaster relief and recovery work at

Donations of clothing are accepted at Red Cross Shops. To find a Red Cross Shop near you, visit

Red Cross is unable to accept or distribute donated goods during an emergency. Please visit Foodbank or GIVIT to match your donation of goods to identified needs in bushfire affected communities.

Can I use the Red Cross logo in my fundraising?
We’re really grateful that you are raising funds for our disaster relief and recovery work. We do need to ask you not to use the Australian Red Cross logo, or the red cross emblem (red cross on a white background), in any of your promotions or social media.

The reason is because it’s not just a logo – the emblem is protected under international law and is used in times in conflict to mean ‘don’t shoot – help is here and we are not part of the fight’.

You can use the Australian Red Cross name, but we ask that you make it clear that your event is not a Red Cross event. You can say things like ‘Proudly supporting Red Cross’ or ‘Proceeds donated to Red Cross’. If you need any more info, our humanitarian law team is grateful for your support and would be happy to help.

Disaster Relief and Recovery

Your donation means we can be there as soon as an emergency strikes in Australia and further afield. With your support we can help communities to prepare, respond and recover from disasters.


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