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Cyclone Winston Fiji

12 months on

The worst cyclone in Fiji's history struck in February 2016. Cyclone Winston claimed 44  lives and destroyed over 32,000 houses.
No matter how great the crisis, the human spirit finds a way to cope and move forward. One year later, Fiji's families are rebuilding their lives and homes.
Thank you for standing with them.

Rebuilding in Fiji after cyclone Winston.

Making progress on Koro Island

Every single home on Koro Island was damaged by Cyclone Winston; barely a handful were left standing. Six people lost their lives to the brutal wind and surging sea.

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Damaged house from cyclone Winston.

Living in fear

Marica Kepa had never seen people react to rain like this. People had panic in their eyes as drops spattered off the roof of the community hall in Koro Island. Children ran to their parents, asking "Is the wind coming back? Is the sea coming back?"

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We'd be so grateful for your donation to Red Cross' ongoing disaster relief and recovery work. Your ongoing support will ensure Red Cross can continue to help communities in Australia and in our region prepare for and recover from disasters.

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Recovering from Winston

Australians contributed $4.2 million to the recovery effort. Thank you for your generosity.

  • 5,388 solar lanterns

  • 4,424 kitchen sets

  • 8,997 blankets

  • 12,753 tarpaulins

  • 3,181 tool kits to rebuild homes

  • 60 carpenters trained to build safer and more cyclone-proof houses