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How you'll help

See the impact your donations can make.

Here are six ways you’ll help people survive the toughest of times.

We are impartial and there for everyone - no matter who they are or where they come from. We're always neutral: we never take sides.

  • Saving lives: Preventing disease, treating injuries, providing blood and running field hospitals.

  • Preparing for disasters: Emergency plans, training response teams, adapting to climate change.

  • Responding to crises: Providing food, water, shelter, healthcare and psychosocial support to those fleeing violence and disasters.

  • Protection from violence: Our emblems mean ‘Don’t Shoot’. They help us protect those caught up in conflicts across the world.

  • Drinking water and sanitation: Safe water supplies, toilets and hygiene education.

  • Reuniting families: Helping people separated by war and disaster to find each other.

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