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Help vulnerable people get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A human voice on the phone. Help getting through the week. Someone looking out for you. These acts of humanity matter more than ever.

Our response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Right now Australian Red Cross is working with governments to meet urgent needs across the country.

We’re getting food to people in isolation when they have no other support. We’re making 16,000 calls a day to people in mandatory isolation, returning travellers quarantining in hotels, and health workers. We’re delivering emergency supplies to communities in the Tiwi and Elcho Islands.

We’re also adapting our everyday services for people who need us. When we can’t visit people at home, we have virtual cuppas over skype. We’re providing emergency cash assistance to people seeking asylum, when they can’t access any other support. We’re offering casework by phone to people and families who are struggling.

We need your help.

Your donation can help us continue our essential services to people who are most vulnerable at this time. That includes people who are older, who live in remote or isolated communities, who are seeking asylum and facing destitution.

Your donation can help us expand our telephone support service to the scale the country needs. With your support, our volunteers will make thousands of calls each day to Australians in isolation who urgently need a wellbeing check. These calls are more than a chat: they are holding our community together.

Finally, your donation can amplify the efforts of other Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, as they tackle the pandemic in refugee camps, in Pacific island villages, in urban slums and other places where thousands of lives are at risk.

We’re facing this crisis together. Your act of humanity can make a huge difference. 

Australian Red Cross

Your donation means we can be there as soon as an emergency strikes in Australia and further afield. With your support we can help communities to prepare, respond and recover from disasters.


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Bushfire relief
Please be assured that throughout the COVID-19 pandemic we will separately continue to provide financial assistance and other support to Australians affected by bushfires, exclusively through donations to the Disaster Relief and Recovery fund. You can keep track of our plans and spending at