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The festive season can be a lonely time for many people

Let’s change that and make this one the season of belonging

The festive season can be a wonderful time of joy and celebration, but for many people it can be a difficult time. When you’re facing hardship, illness or disability, loneliness can very quickly creep in and take a toll on your health. But everyone deserves to feel like they belong.

During the festive season and every day, Red Cross is there for people: providing regular phone calls and visits to isolated and elderly Australians, offering one-to-one support to those struggling with mental illness, or giving a warm welcome to people seeking safety from violence and persecution.

You can help make this the season of belonging by making a donation or taking action. Because, we can all face the hardest of situations with some simple human kindness.

Make this the season of belonging

Loneliness and isolation can have a profound impact on health and wellbeing, but you can...

Help people feel safe and connected

Provide support and remind people that someone cares

Reach out and give a lonely person purpose

Donate now