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A love of learning brings young and old together

A self-confessed people-person, 82- year-old Ken was left feeling isolated after the death of his beloved wife and mobility issues prevented him from leaving home. So he reached out to Red Cross visiting services and was matched with volunteer Chris, a young university student.

Ken admits he was sceptical at first. “When I met him I thought: well, what are we going to have in common with such a huge gap in our ages?”

Neither was expecting the rewarding relationship that bloomed between this unlikely duo. Since that first meeting, they’ve spent many a day on wood work, with Ken sharing a life time of experience with Chris.

Ken says before meeting Chris he had lost interest. “Finding out that Chris was interested in woodwork, it rejuvenated me. It's got me interested again,” says Ken.

People making connections when you’d least expect it brings great benefits. It unleashes the fantastic potential in everyone and makes our neighbourhoods a less lonely place. That’s the power of belonging.

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