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Keep families together with clean running water

With clean water, families stay healthy and together, kids can go to school and villages can grow.

In the island nation of Kiribati, Red Cross water and sanitation experts have worked together with locals to design and build clean water systems. 

Clean water taps are now in central locations around the village, and hygienic toilets are the first the majority of families have ever had.

Local woman Aariki is feeling the benefits: “We feel settled because we have a toilet and a tank for rain water. We can use the water for drinking and the washing of hands. Because of that we are very happy”.

Every family in the village chipped in to do the work and learnt skills to maintain the systems for the long run, well after Red Cross’ work is done.

Too many people in the Asia-Pacific region die from illnesses that can be prevented by safe drinking water and better sanitation. It’s the precious gift of water, which means communities can fight disease, kids can go to school and families can stay together. 

Will you make this the season of belonging?

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