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Give people vital connections and support after a disaster

Living through a disaster is tough and people’s homes and lives can be turned upside down. Yet, some simple human kindness can make a world of difference, making the long road to recovery feel much less isolating and lonely.

John’s small business in Murwillumbah was hit by record-breaking floods in the wake of Cyclone Debbie. As a marine rescue volunteer it takes a lot to shake him up, but living through the big flood has really brought home to him the long-term nature of recovery.

He says the things that help are exactly the sorts of things that Red Cross has been doing in local communities, with volunteers like Tammy regularly checking in after the massive category five storm. 

“To know that someone who knows their stuff is prepared to take the time to see how you’re going – that helps,” he says.

It’s these small acts of kindness, which mean that people like John feel valued and supported so they’re not left alone to battle through the aftermath of a disaster. Red Cross is there for him, providing practical advice and personal support, to make the emotional trauma that much easier.

Will you make this the season of belonging?

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