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Help people sleeping rough find a home

Homelessness is extremely isolating. When you haven’t got a home, connection to family, friends and workmates is often strained, and it can mean you’re shut off from mainstream life. 

Pete and his dog Blade went from sleeping rough to eventually securing a home of their own, after a lifetime on the streets.  “I am so used to the street, I was brought up on the street…I’ve lived that life for so long. When you get older you have to change somewhere along the line, don’t you?” says Pete. 

Red Cross volunteer Rolf meets Pete weekly to provide social support and help him settle into his new neighbourhood, giving him advice on how to manage the rent and bills on a tight budget. 

Pete says he feels happier now he has his own place. “Now I have some help with Red Cross and I am doing all right. It is a bit hard, but I’m getting there,” he says. 

Thanks to the kindness of volunteers like Rolfe, people like Pete can feel like they belong, because no one deserves to be out in the cold this festive season. 

Will you make the season of belonging?

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