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Create a video

A video is a great way to inspire people to take action to #BEATLONELINESS. Below is a simple how-to guide that should get your on your way to becoming the Spielberg of Beat Loneliness:

Plan your story.

Get creative and remember to answer the key questions your audience will be dying to know:

What makes you want to Beat Loneliness?

Is it a personal experience, a desire to support others or another connection to the cause?

What actions are you taking to #BEATLONELINESS?

From starting the conversation with your family at the dinner table to kitting your entire club out in Beat Loneliness jerseys, tell us what you’ve done or what you’re planning to do to #BEATLONELINESS.

What are you especially proud of?

Have your teammates or your local radio station reacted positively to your involvement? Has a friend or your football club president passed on words of encouragement or been inspired to get involved themselves? We’d love to hear how your actions have inspired others so don’t be shy - share your successes

Shoot your footage.

Try getting footage on game day. Ask your team mates or friends if they can give interviews. Watch our tips on capturing good video content here.

Edit it

Use iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro or other free software. Check out this guide for more detailed info on how to create your work of art.

Upload it

Get your footage onto your social media channels and encourage your networks to share it (your club, friends, uni, workplace, etc).

Don’t forget to use #BEATLONELINESS 

We love seeing your stories and we think others will too. That’s why we’re picking a selection of the most inspiring stories to be featured on our Beat Loneliness site. You can check out the rest of the #beatloneliness legends online.