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Share your story.
Inspire others.
Spark more action.

Storytelling can change the world.

Stories can inspire action as they’re shared across the dinner table, social networks and the news. When you share your story authentically with the motivation to help others you have the power to positively impact their lives. 

You care about the issue of loneliness. That’s why you signed up to #BEATLONELINESS (we know the jerseys look pretty good too). Sharing your story is a great way to spread inspiration and spark more action. Your story will contribute to a much larger conversation – one that can have a real impact on the issue of loneliness. 

Ready to share your story? Here’s three things your audience will want to know:

  1. What makes you want to #BEATLONELINESS? 
    Is it a personal experience, a desire to support others or another connection to the cause?
  2. What actions are you taking to #BEATLONELINESS? 
    From starting conversations to hosting events, what are you doing and how can people get involved?
  3. What are you especially proud of?
    Share any ‘wow’ moments that have made you proud to be part of this important conversation.  

Tips and ideas for sharing your story

Share your story with your social networks. Here’s our tips for crafting good content for your Facebook and Instagram:

  • A good image matters. Here’s some tips for taking top-notch smartphone photos.
  • You know your friends and followers better than us: use your own voice to tell your story and inspire people.
  • Be authentic, share detail and end on a positive note. Help people become inspired to act.   

Local media want to hear local stories, especially those about people doing good in their community.

  • Research your local media outlets
  • Call or email the journalist using our local media guide
  • Explain why Beat Loneliness is important to you and to your community
  • Be prepared to be interviewed personally or have your photo taken

If you have a big match, initiative or event planned use Facebook Live to start a conversation about loneliness with your friends and followers.

  • Tell people ahead of time when you're going to broadcast
  • Write a compelling description before going live
  • Say hello to commenters by name and to respond to their comments
  • Keep providing context throughout the broadcast – new viewers can join at any time
  • Plan your story
  • Shoot your footage using the tips in the video below
  • Upload and encourage your club, teammates and broader network to share your story.

Make sure you use the hashtag #BEATLONELINESS when you share your story for your chance to be featured in our #beatloneliness legends gallery.

Need a little help telling your story?

Fill in the form below and one of our media team will get in touch to assist you.