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Two years ago, Rose was struggling. “When I first encountered Red Cross, I had literally no pathway in life,” she says. Her home life was unstable. She felt discriminated against at work. A committed athlete, sport was the one thing that made her happy, but a serious injury meant she was sitting on the sidelines.

Meeting Red Cross case workers helped change all that. Rose spent a year with Red Cross, and through a mix of sports programs, group sessions, one-to-one support and goal setting, she was able to get her life back on track. The support she received helped her recover her confidence and self-image.

Today, Rose is living in a safe and stable home with her partner and his family. She has a new job with Deadly Choices, an organisation dedicated to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to make healthy choices. And she’s getting back to where she loves to be more than anywhere else: the footy field. She’s aiming to get back onto the National Indigenous Women’s Rugby Team, and from there, she has her sights set on an international career.

Rose knows there’s no limits to what she can do now.

“I’ve definitely learnt not to follow anybody. I am my own person and everything in life is a choice, whether you want to grab it or not. But if you choose to do something it’s off your back, it’s off nobody else’s.”

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Starting over at 69

After his home was destroyed in the Townsville floods, Brian was forced to move with just a few possessions he managed to grab before being evacuated. Upon arriving in Hervey Bay he was mentally and physically exhausted – and Red Cross was there with a cup of tea and a helping hand.

Escaping with minutes to spare

Wendy, Andrew, their children, and dog Follow escaped their home in Vanuatu just minutes before a mudslide flattened their entire village. Red Cross was first on the scene to help with the evacuation, and assisted the family with starting their lives over on a neighbouring island.