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Not everybody can do this

But everybody can do that

Not everybody can perform feats of heroism like Super Granny, but everybody can be a hero in their own way by dropping a few coins into a Red Cross collection bucket or making a donation online.

Red Cross has been helping people in need for over 100 years. We help people experiencing vulnerability and crisis, wherever and whenever it’s needed most.

This March, thousands of people will come together in a giant wave of humanitarian action, raising money for Red Cross Calling in their communities, schools and workplaces so we can continue this important work.

Red Cross Calling

Red Cross Calling is a national fundraising drive that happens each March. Your support helps Red Cross be there for people and communities experiencing hardship in Australia and overseas.


$ Surprise us

Can’t donate? There are other ways to be a hero!

Check out our Go Without schools challenge and ways to get involved with supporting Red Cross.