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Meet Georgia, Musawer and Matt

Meet some of our RedxYouth network working to make change that will have a global impact

Meet Georgia

Georgia, a lawyer from Adelaide, is a long term member of our youth network.

Georgia was also our most recent delegate at the Annual Red Cross and Red Crescent Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Manila, Philippines. There, she attended seminars on migration and gender equality and worked with young people from across the Asia Pacific to design an app to address the impacts of climate change.

There are a number of humanitarian issues that I want to invest my time learning about & helping to address, those issues include forced migration, climate change, & community empowerment.


Meet Musawer Bajwa

Musawer Bajwa, has organised nearly 1800 volunteers from the Ahmadiyya community.

For the past four years, Musawer Bajwa, an astrophysics and philosophy student at Sydney University, has organised nearly 1800 volunteers from the Ahmadiyya community of 5000, who came to Australia to escape religious persecution, to raise funds for the Red Cross and other non-profits, including Clean Up Australia. To date he, along with Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Australia volunteers, has raised over $200,000 for Red Cross.

My continued efforts towards Red Cross and generally, all of humanity, comes from what Australia has done for me.

Musawer Bajwa

Meet Matt

Matt is passionate about community conversations, as well as making volunteering easier and more empowering.

Matt's enthusiasm for building community resilience has seen him organise free Mental Health First Aid training for over 300 students at the University of Tasmania and play an important role in organising the Tasmanian Youth Advisory Committee’s inaugural Social Connectedness Summit. He has also delivered the In Search of Safety Program to more than 700 schoolkids, discussing the many questions and misunderstandings about migration and asylum using empathy and storytelling.

Mental health, inclusion and collective impact drive me to get involved in the Australian community to shape it into a more empathetic and sustainable place.