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Evie Kuang


Eveline (Evie) started volunteering with Australian Red Cross in 2015, with the Roadhouse program in Canberra, providing meals to those who are vulnerable or at risk of homelessness. The following year she joined the ACT Youth Advisory Committee and co-chaired the committee from January 2017 to January 2019, while remaining an active member on the ACT Divisional Advisory Board. Since August 2018, Evie has been acting as chair of the National Youth Advisory Committee, contributing to youth engagement and working with other young humanitarians, helping to lead a shift in the way that youth participate in the Australian Red Cross.

Evie has a background in law and commerce, a keen interest in human rights, volunteering and giving back, while aiming to inspire others to do the same. When studying her Master of Laws, Evie became more interested in International Humanitarian Law and its connection with Red Cross. The combination of her professional interests and having a direct impact with people on the ground led Evie to want to become more involved. In these roles, Evie saw how young people could influence the activities and direction of the Red Cross.

Along with serving on our Board, Evie is a policy adviser in the Australian Public Service, with experience in foreign investment, critical infrastructure security and legislative design. Evie is also a qualified yoga teacher, teaching at local Canberra yoga studios and is passionate about promoting wellness and wellbeing.


Being a part of the Australian Red Cross and the current journey to change youth participation in humanitarian action. It has allowed me to contribute so much to my community. Last year, I was able to organise an event for people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the ACT. The event was very successful, with lots of local businesses and volunteers helping to make it possible! The attendees loved the event and we are currently organising the next one!

But, outside of the Red Cross, completing my studies (undergrad to masters) full time while working full time in a hectic and busy but very interesting job.

Humanitarian actions, goals, yoga and spirituality, health and wellness, veganism, some parts of the law, Shonda Rhimes and her amazing TV shows...

Where is The Love, Black Eyed Peas.

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