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In alphabetical order

Ailin Macarena Ferreyra Domecq

I want to be a voice for my generation as well as for all the immigrants who live in Australia today. I would like to work with like minded people with whom ideas can be developed to support and better our community.

Ali Asgher Ali

I'm Ali Asgher Ali-story-teller, advocate, and the typical millennial whose best friend is the Wi-Fi. I have youth council experience, and put on my advocacy hat when discussing youth affairs, education, inequity, and welfare. Check my Insta to see links to my blog, YouTube channel, and Twitter!

Amber Troung

I am a young and proactive leader who is passionate about STEM, humanitarian engineering and engineering for disabilities. My aspiration in life is to bring value to others, make a difference and leave a world a better place through unity and collaboration with others.

Amie Kanshlo

I want to empower and involve more young people to care about not just our neighbours but the state, country and world. There is a disconnection and misrepresentation of so many communities both globally and nationally. I have board, facilitation and campaign experience in NGO and political spheres.

Caitlin Figueiredo

I’m a proud multicultural woman and Founder of Jasiri Australia. Having experienced life threatening gender based violence and witnessing first hand structural inequality, I’m on a mission to eradicate gender based violence and leadership inequality through tapping into our fearless conscience.

Carla Marinoni

I am currently learning to become a youth worker and am a volunteer with Red Cross at an op-shop and Brisbane Night Cafe. My biggest goal in joining this committee is to help young people and to make sure that vulnerable youth are protected.

Christian Bashimbe

I believe that Humanitarian issues are too big to be carried on our shoulders alone. When compassion, love and empathy drive our life then human rights and social justice become our true home where everyone less fortunate can take refuge and feel protected.

Christine Stralow

I’m a project manager from Western Sydney and co-chair of the NSW Red Cross Youth Advisory Committee. I’m passionate about and actively involved in climate change, workers’ rights, and social justice movements. I’m interested in what modern governance looks like, social media and, of course, dogs.

Desiree Peralta

Coming from the Philippines, I have seen firsthand the effects of poverty. As a Bachelor of Human services student, my passion is to help people not only with temporary betterment but long lasting change. I am focused on permanent growth that allows second chances to the people to live a good life.

Eds Lamdagan

I work in a non-profit organisation for culturally linguistic communities in Brisbane. I've been in a position that means I have the capacity to utilise myself in a way that helps others and empowers me, because I firmly believe that to see the change we want starts with awareness and actions.

Elvis Martin

I am passionate about working hard in the community, social justice & equality! A voice for young people. I am an R U Ok? Day & National Youth Commission Ambassador. I am passionate about promoting compassion & equality.

Erfaneh Horriat

I’m a third year physiotherapy student at the University of Notre Dame. I’ve been in Australia for nearly 6 years and worked very hard in order to achieve what I have achieved now. I would love to get involved in the community and share some of my experiences and advice with young people.

Felicia Lase

Felicia Lase is a construction professional with a passion in community empowerment and youth development. Through her various leadership roles within charity programs, Felicia believes in the importance of collaboration and diversity in reaching larger impact to the wider community.

George Najarian

Aka "Ginger George,” an award winning Armenian refugee from Syria. Since my arrival in 2017 I've volunteered with more than 7 organisations over 500 hours, raised more than $10,000 and launched scholarships for refugees. I travel across NSW to advocate for refugees and social cohesion.

Hnen Oska

I am 22 years old, from Damascus, Syria. I moved to Melbourne, Australia 1 year ago because of war crises that happened to my country. I've volunteered with SOS children's village in Syria. I have learned many experiences, would like to share it with others.

Isabelle McMahon

I’m a Psychology and Geography student with an interest in mental health, the environment and the inter-relationships between the two. I would love to be part of something that makes a difference and to meet other young people who share common values, such as equity, sustainability and compassion.

Jack Dalrymple

I am open-minded and experienced in working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. I have managed a detention centre program and been a Global Voices Scholar. My hope is to build on this foundation and understand how change can be initiated on a more macro level.

Jade Clemens

As a junior doctor in WA I have seen firsthand the impact of poverty and insufficient access to shelter, food and culturally appropriate healthcare. I hope to work with a group of likeminded young people to develop initiatives to better tackle poverty-associated issues and create real change.

Jasmin Jones-Calvert

Currently I try to participate in as much community service as possible which is rewarding but means I see the gaps in our community first hand and I’m always looking for ways to aid in fixing and rebuilding them. I have volunteered with Red Cross, Camp Quality and a number of other organisations.

Joey Christain

I am excited by the opportunity to create change with the RedX committee. I am skilled in organisation and planning, effective communication, teamwork and problem solving skills.

John Abetz

While the specific incidents that birthed my passion are varied and complicated, one common theme emerged in retrospect: a deep respect for human rights. I am actively involved in organising charity initiatives in my workplace and co-facilitating mental health first aid training across the state.

Karent Camacho

I would like to join the committee because I want to help young people to change their lives. I have experience in social work with communities with a diverse range of needs.

Kieran Akula

I want to become a Committee member because I am extremely passionate about social wellbeing and social change. I have worked on projects for sanitation in Indian villages, providing education to female students in India and with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Kumi Milliken

I am a passionate social justice advocate interested in examining the gendered impacts of development initiatives in the contemporary context. I’m a supporter of gender equality and women's empowerment, and committed to working on projects that aim to create a more inclusive future for all.

Lana Sobieralski

I’m energised by the passions of people. I would like to continue developing our network's vision and create space for young people to effect change. I am actively pushing for social change through both Red Cross and White Ribbon, leading input into strategy and sparking important conversations.

Lara Dragasevich

I am a charismatic and hardworking Uni student who is passionate about helping young people develop emotional resilience, particularly those who have experienced abuse and trauma. My aim is to help young people acquire the skills/tools to navigate the emotionally tumultuous time that follows.

Madison Birtchnell

My passion is to make genuine & tangible change in the lives of others, with particular emphasis on social justice, humanitarian issues, empowerment of women & youth mental health. One of my proudest accomplishments is being a positive voice for youth as 2018 Gold Coast Young Citizen of the Year.

Mariam Siar

I am an Afghan refugee who came to Australia in 2016 and am now studying international relations at Deakin University. My passion is helping others, especially young people. As I know I am a patient person, have different background and speak English, Persian, Dari and Pashto.

Marlee Silva

I’m a proud Kamilaroi/Dunghutti woman committed to using all my energy to make the world a better place for my people & culture. I’ve been working for my community my entire adult life & because of the Indigenous young changemakers around me, I’m certain we’re about to see the next wave of change.

Matija Burrett

I am passionate about supporting women in STEM. If I were elected into this position my main goals will be to help young Australians access free or affordable mental health care, help disadvantaged students access pathways to university and support young girls who are interested in STEM subjects.

Mercy Nyanchoga

I am particularly passionate about mental health; having witnessed a lot of mental health cases in my medical career. This is an exceptional opportunity to amplify young voices to create real change. We can fight mental health disorders and the stigma associated with it!

Michael Fernandez

I have an affinity for mental health and have engaged in numerous projects aimed to assist individuals and communities. In my spare time, I like to create visual content that highlights life in Australia. I'd like to be a doctor one day and work in rural communities to improve access to treatment.

Nicola Barker

I remember being told by family members when I was young ‘there is no point in complaining about the system if you can do something about it.’ I am committed to using my tools and education to do that through my role in the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition and other initiatives.

Omema Khurram

I am studying Bachelors of Environmental Policy and Management with Bachelor of International Development and have been part of Youth Climate Change Collective. I have also engaged in refugee projects in Syria and Jordan.

Prathap Shankar

I am a donor and an active supporter of charity events for schools in my local community.

Pragya Singh

I want to use my voice and this platform to not just speak about change but actually make it happen. I truly think of this as my life's purpose I am a journalism graduate and an activist for Plan International Australia.

Sarah Freeman

I have a huge passion for helping others and doing my bit to make the world a little better. My interests are in environmental sustainability, community work and personal fulfillment. I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded people making the world a better place.

Shelley White

I would like to become part of RedX as I am passionate about a number of local and global issues and would love the opportunity to be involved in designing solutions to some of these issues. I have volunteered at Brisbane Night Café and am a tutor with the Smith Family.

Shugufa Juma

I am a Red cross volunteer and am passionate about working with people who need my help especially the people whose first language is not English.

Sinia Sareen

Growing up as a migrant in a multicultural area, I was always lucky to be surrounded by people from different backgrounds, giving me a real appreciation for different cultures. I’m particularly interested in ending global hunger, clean water access for all people as well as, mental health.

Supekshya Malla

I am a Social work student who embraces diversity in all forms. I am passionate about improving humanity. I have worked with a number of for purpose organisations, such as Red Cross & Self Help Group for Cerebral Palsy.

Tiyana Jovanovic

I am a student and activist, passionate about defending human rights and promoting sustainable development. I am a campaigner, community organiser, the host of a human rights podcast, and founder of the Humanitarian Changemakers Network, providing tools to help young people change the world.

Tyson Kettlewell

Change is my passion and donating my time to create impactful change is my way of giving back. As a White Ribbon Ambassador, I developed the first youth based violence prevention group, With Respect. I am driven to help others and create mechanisms that allow my generation to be drivers of change.

Upendo Mseka

I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual, with a masters of public health and a medical degree from Guangxi Medical University in China. I speak English, Mandarin and Chichewa fluently and hope to use my skills to continue supporting the vulnerable all around the world.

Zachary Gregory

I want to draw on my passion for history and politics to help make change within the community.