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Hero Kids

A fun new way to help you bring values like kindness, patience and gratitude to life for children.

What is Hero Kids?

Sign up and you’ll get a range of entertaining family activities and stories delivered to your letterbox every four weeks. Your children will learn about doing good, while supporting the great work of Red Cross.

1. Sign up to Hero Kids for $20 every four weeks.
2. Receive a Welcome Pack in August, then a new pack four-weekly for 12 months.
3. There are 48 activity cards to collect, with bonus surprises along the way.

You can unsubscribe at any time over the 12 months.

What's in your welcome pack?

Join in and you’ll receive a Welcome Pack, chocked full with a Hero Kids wall planner, Hero Kids sticker sheet, four fun Activity Cards, Parent’s guide, Hero Kids storybook and postcards.

Meet the Heroes

  • Captain Kindness! His superbeam smile spreads joy wherever he goes! Captain Kindness helps hero kids discover the magical power of giving compliments, and learn how to read emotions.

  • Funny Bunny! Gut-busting giggles help your hero kids make friends and become more resilient. Funny Bunny is here to show you how!

  • Gratitude Giant! This giant knows that gratitude releases the brain’s happy chemicals. Children who are great at saying ‘thank you’ are better at helping themselves and others feel better.

  • Patience Pal! Her calm ways show how good things come to those who wait. She can help little heroes learn how to stay calm and relax.

Why us?

Red Cross works all around the world putting friendship and kindness into action. Good values and strong principles fuel our work.

We’re passionate about helping raise the next generation of hero kids. You’ll learn more about our work through child-friendly stories in your packs.


Your subscription costs $20 for each pack and lasts for 12 months. Postage is paid on the packs.

By signing up to Hero Kids you’re supporting the work of Australian Red Cross to bring opportunities for young people to shine, comfort in times of disaster and companionship to those facing hard times.

Every four weeks an activity pack is delivered straight to your door. They should fit through your letterbox, delighting your kids and saving you a trip to the post office - simple!

The activities work for kids of all ages, but are best suited to your 3 to 8-year-old heroes.

Easy ones! Each activity is simple to do at home, with things you already have and minimal effort for parents. Activities take as little or as much time as you like. An activity could be a Thankful Treasure Hunt sending kids searching the house or a Compliment Challenge to do with your friends and family.

We would love to know what you think! Or help you out. Email us at or chat over the phone on 1800 733 276.

Register your interest

Thanks for your interest in Australian Red Cross Hero Kids - a fun way to help bring values like kindness, gratitude and patience to life for kids. Unfortunately at this time we’re not able to sign up any more Hero Kids, however, if you provide your contact details we'll let you know as soon as we are!