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Bring your good to the world

There’s good in each of us. But it takes someone special to take action.

Sometimes, our options are overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start or exactly who to help, or how.

Well, here are four suggestions. Four simple things you can do to be a good human today. Four ways you can bring your good to the world – to the people closest to you, and those further afield.

1. Team up to beat loneliness

Rename your sporting or gaming team ‘Loneliness’ this season and be the team to beat. You need to be brave to take this on. You need to be ready to help spark an important conversation about a problem that affects more than 50% of Australians.

2. Donate your winter woollens

Take some time to clean out your wardrobe and collect pre-loved winter coats, boots, jumpers and scarves for Red Cross Shops. We’ll sell them to raise money for our life-changing work around Australia and our region.

3. Protect what matters most

Emergencies don’t give notice. They’ll surprise us, and we just have to respond – or be ready. We’ve got an app for that. Do something to protect your family, your neighbours, your local community today.

4. Donate to bring more good

Making a donation is a simple act of kindness that will give comfort and care to people around Australia and our region. Help our team connect people with their resilience, their strength, their resourcefulness. Please donate today.

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