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For the love and strength in all of us, bring more good to our world.

Why is it time to ask people to bring more good? It’s about unleashing Australians’ collective brains to see we can have a more cohesive, and more supportive, society.

Judy Slatyer, CEO, Australian Red Cross

Stanley is a young man who has started university studies to become a midwife. He had to leave home to finish high school, but Australian Red Cross connected him to people who looked out for him. 

Now he’s working hard to connect mums to the health care they need.

Will you connect...

Opportunities to the industrious

Geraldine is a young woman ready to make her way in the world because she was connected to education and saw the possibilities of a wide world.

Individuals to their potential

Sara is a caregiver, who knows how a simple connection brings joy. She sees people’s strengths and knows everyone has something special to contribute.

Daily essentials to those living without

Nur is a mother who left everything to protect her family. She needs to be connected to the essentials to rebuild her life and to give her children a safe, healthy future.

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