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Connect people with the daily essentials they are living without

When conflict in her village broke out, Nur had no choice but to run. She grabbed her five children and the few precious items she could carry and ran into the forest.  

“It took eight days to reach Bangladesh from our village,” Nur said. “Our children were so tired we had to drag them.”

“It was very difficult because we had to walk during the night, through forests. We had to stop and beg for food so I could at least put something in my children’s mouths.”

Now safe, Nur faces a daily challenge to keep her children free from disease and provide clean, safe drinking water. The conditions in the refugee camp she and her family now call home are dire, but she is grateful to be connected to Red Cross aid workers and life-saving supplies.

Will you make a tax donation to ensure Nur and others like her have life-saving aid supplies?

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