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Set for life

Logan left her troubled home when she was 13 and by 18 had two small children. Her childhood was filled with abuse and she didn’t want to repeat that for her kids.

“I didn’t get shown a good mum my whole life. I don't know what a good mum is but everything I do is what I think a good mum should be…If I hadn’t joined the Red Cross program and changed myself I don't think my kids’ track would have been very good either,” says Logan.

Now the 19-year-old has a stable home for her and her children, she’s studying hospitality and plans to work in the field that she enjoys so much. Logan has turned her life around thanks to the support she received from Red Cross’ Young Parents Program.

The team at the Young Parents Program provide practical support to help keep Logan and other young families on track to achieve their goals and be the best parents they can for their children.

“I'm pretty much set for life,” says Logan, “and I'm excited for life. I love it. I don't even want to ever go back to the way I was before because it's awesome.”

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