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Look at what you've made possible

Since the outbreak of violence in Rakhine, Myanmar in August 2017, over a million people have been displaced and many are desperately trying to make a life for themselves in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar.

Thanks to donors to the Red Cross Myanmar Crisis Appeal, we’ve been able to open an emergency hospital to care for the sick or injured. Red Cross aid worker Emily Holmes saw first-hand the incredible need for the hospital when she worked there as a midwife.

One experience that will stay with her forever was when a woman named Amala arrived at the hospital well into her labour with the baby in a breech position, which is risky for both mother and child. The team quickly got into action to deliver her baby, but the little boy wasn’t breathing.

“I raced off with the baby and started performing CPR,” says Emily. “The only thing I remember clearly is thinking 'God come on, just breathe' over and over and over again. Like a mantra.

“Afterwards I noted that I had resuscitated for four minutes. It may as well have been four hours, time just seemed to suspend itself. Everything stopped, until I saw that little chest start to rise, and then the sound of the baby, letting out his first cry.”

When I handed him to her this overwhelming sense of shock and pride came over me. Shock that this little baby wasn’t dead and proud that I was able to share this beautiful moment with Amala, watching her grasp him tightly to her chest.

Emily returned the boy to his mother, who began crying out of sheer relief. Emily says she feels humbled to have been able to work with women and their families in the Red Cross hospital.

As the need for assistance in Cox’s Bazar continues to grow, we are also helping people by providing shelter, toilets, food, clean drinking water and establishing safe spaces for women and children.

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