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Business partnerships

With Australian Red Cross, business leaders are working to build strategic partnerships, fund innovation and bring new skills and resources through corporate volunteering.

Business and industry are at the heart of sustainable solutions that build resilience and self-reliance among communities here in Australia, and abroad. Each partner’s contribution drives measurable social impact through shared value, capacity building, cause-driven programs and employee giving. 

Become a partner

Australian Red Cross’ business partners have had a positive impact in communities across Australia and in the Asia Pacific region. 

Our partners choose to:

  • support our wide-ranging and far-reach work in communities
  • drive community support for our work through a targeted campaign or business activity
  • support an identified community or place-based program 
  • work with us to co-design solutions to significant social problems
  • engage staff members through workplace giving or corporate volunteering opportunities

To learn about the impact your business could make, talk to an Australian Red Cross Business Partner Manager.

To learn about the impact your business could make, get in touch with an Australian Red Cross Business Partner executive.

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