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Stories about the hardships and triumphs of aid work, people who defy stereotypes in our communities, how life in Australia works for young refugees and asylum seekers, and what it's like to work for Red Cross.

Red Cross humanitarian worker caring for a child in the Ebola crisis.

How Aid Works

Ever wanted an intimate chat with people who treat the wounded in wartime, fight epidemics and respond to disasters? Get ready for a wild ride with larger-than-life, uplifting and occasionally tear-jerking stories.

Red Cross worker talking with fighters about the laws of war.

Laws of War

Why do wars have laws? Where did they come from and what do they mean for today's armed conflicts? How do these laws affect humanitarian agencies, armed forces, prisoners and non-combatants?

Recently arrived migrant talking about his life in Australia.

Life in Australia

A podcast for young people with asylum seeker and refugee backgrounds living in Australia. This podcast is available in English, Farsi, Tamil, and Arabic.

Speakers on stage at our Red Talks migration matters event.

Red Talks

Hear the stories of young Red Cross leaders, what drives them to help others and be positive agents of change.

Red Cross staff working with communities all over Australia to ensure they feel included.

After the Emergency

A collaboration between Red Cross, Triple J, Smiling Mind and other recovery experts to develop a podcast of new music and advice to help people who have experienced trauma.

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Try this: Walk a kilometre downhill, fill three buckets with water and carry them back...

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