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Annual reports

Annual Report 2019–2020

We supported Australians through one of the nation’s most difficult years, with humanitarian crises created by drought, bushfires, floods and the pandemic. We had not experienced such demand for our services since wartime. It takes a community to get through tough times like these, and the power of people’s goodwill really shone through. We are all in this together.

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Annual Report 2018–2019

A little bit of support at the right time can make all the difference and build resilience. In the past year we’ve supported people on the worst day of their life, when they’re facing a crisis, when they’re feeling down and when they can’t catch a break. Because when we’re there for people facing tough times, we help them find their own strength to build on.

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Annual Report 2017–2018

Connection was the common thread in everything we did this year. We connected those who could help to those who needed help, individuals to community, innovative thinkers to good causes, and people to their own strength and capacity. Read about our achievements and lessons learned as we worked towards our ambitious strategy.

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Annual Report 2016–2017

This year we imagined a better future for all with strong, resilient and welcoming communities – where everyone can thrive. This past year has been one of transformation and transparency, as we continue to develop and grow the organisation to achieve this vision.

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Annual Report 2015–2016

It was a year of change, renewal and hard work at Australian Red Cross. We responded to disasters near and far, stood up for a humanitarian world, battled disadvantage, and revitalised our strategy to strengthen our effectiveness.

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Annual Report 2014–2015

Our Centenary year was a tremendous time of celebration, reflection and renewal as we shared the great Australian story of a century of people helping people. At local events around the country, our members paid tribute to generations of Australians who forged our proud legacy.

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Annual Report 2013–2014

2014 was a milestone year for Australian Red Cross as we proudly began celebrating our centenary of service to the nation. It was a chance to thank generations of Australians for their support and to engage with a new generation who will continue this legacy into the future.

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