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We are honoured to have the support of 42,400 people who made singular or occasional donations this year. We are especially grateful to our 108,000 regular givers: generous Australians contributed almost $42 million to build stronger and more resilient communities.

Community fundraisers 

More than 10,000 volunteer fundraisers supported our work this year through holding their own events, taking on peer to peer challenges and supporting campaigns such as Red Cross Calling and Big Cake Bake. Together, these humanitarians reached over 100,000 people collectively and contributed more than $2.1 million to support our work.


We thank the 270 people who this year advised us they have left a gift to Red Cross in their Will. This is a personal legacy that can transform many lives and ensures we can be there for generations to come.

This year we received $25.3 million from generous supporters who left a precious gift to Red Cross in their Will. 

We sincerely thank the following supporters who gave generous gifts of more than $20,000 in their estates this year; and extend our deepest condolences to their loved ones.

John Dugald Adams 
Brian Melville Alexander 
Loris Lynette Anderson 
Frank William Bampton 
Peter James Brixey 
Elizabeth Constance Carr 
Eve Casper 
Edith Costello 
Dai Curtis 
Michael Belmont Dale 
Colleen Cora Davidson 
Lynette Irene Davies 
Frances Davis 
Margaret Craig De Vaus 
John Davis 
Muriel Mary Deall 
John Stuart Drabble 
Frank Heinz Ebell 
Myrtle Therese Filer 
Zoltan Florian 
Michael John Forster 
Gillian Mary Fraser 
Miriam Gibbons 
Brian Thornton Hargett 
Helen Hartmann 
David William Heyes 
William Eastcott Higgs 
Elizabeth Miriam Hind 
Alice Edith Holmes 
Aloisia Horn 
Atholie Gwen Houghton 
Susan Elizabeth Hutchinson 
Indrani Jayasinghe 
Peter Krafel 
Nathalie Kulakowski 
Anne June Loewenthal 

Donald Blair Mackay 
Joan Violet Males 
Irene McKitterick Marriott 
Fay McDermott 
Victor Ewald Menson 
Harry Murray 
Ethel May Murray 
John Allan Nelson 
John Newton 
Geraldine Nancye Nicoll 
Trevor Joseph Nolan 
Roma Norcott 
Elizabeth Oakes 
Nona Gertruge O'Keefe 
John Oprysk 
Donald Graham Paech 
Roland Victor Pfitzner 
Irving Richard Plotkin 
Stephen Preimeier 
Joan Helen Rattray 
Colin Alfred Renaud 
James Graeme Reynolds 
Eileen Elizabeth Saint 
Francis David Stone 
Arthur Straker 
Doris May Sutton 
Barbara Tabor 
Audrie Ruth Tetley 
Edith Gladys Jane Triscott 
Muriel Turner 
Margaret Littledale Tutton 
Doris Elizabeth Watson 
Elizabeth Marcella Whelan 
Harvey Gordon Wicht 
Peter Warwick Theodore Williams 
Jennifer Ruth Wilton


Several generous major donors contributed significantly to our work, donating more than $2.9 million last year. The ongoing Syrian crisis, the East Africa Food Crisis Appeal, the Myanmar and Bangladesh crisis and other programs in the Asia-Pacific region benefited from this funding, as did our disaster relief and recovery work. Of note is the generous supporter who donated the profits from selling their house.

Our dynamic giving circle, the Australian Red Cross Society of Women Leaders, grew to 56 members and continued to excel in its philanthropic endeavours, raising $593,000 towards humanitarian initiatives chosen by members.

The Society of Women Leaders gave $170,000 to our Young Parents Program and $100,000 to a health project in Kwinana assisting Aboriginal mothers and children in remote communities. They also provided funding to other initiatives, including a female aid worker in East Africa; asylum seekers facing destitution; safe and resilient communities in Indonesia, a new parent program in Victoria, plus tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of in-kind support.