Set up a clothing donation box

Effort: Medium | Time: 5 hours

You can set up a Donation box in your workplace, school, university or sporting club to help collect quality, unwanted clothing items. The donated items will be sold in Red Cross retail stores around Australia. The stores raise money to support the everyday work of Red Cross helping vulnerable people in the community.

Steps to take action 

  1. Contact your local Red Cross retail shop manager and ask to collect a Red Cross Donation box for your workplace or school.
  2. Find out where you can place the donation box - the foyer or tea room are great places to consider.
  3. Promote the Donation box to your colleagues and friends. Send an email, put up some posters and let people know how long the Donation box will be there.
  4. Agree with the retail shop manager when and how to deliver the collected donations to your local Red Cross store.
  5. Say thank you to your donors and pass on information to them about your results! 

Helpful resources

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