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Strategy 2020: Goal 5

Maintain a strong, innovative, sustainable and accountable organisation capable of achieving our humanitarian goals.

Giovina Rocconi and James Navaratne, pictured with South Australian Executive Director Helen Connolly, volunteer on our Youth Advisory Committee. They contribute their perspectives on how Red Cross can work better with young people, helping us to shape our future. Photo: Australian Red Cross/Morne de Klerk


All Red Cross people are empowered, engaged, accountable and acknowledged for their contribution to our humanitarian goals

The next decade will be a time of rapid change, opportunity and challenge. It’s a new era and we want Red Cross people to be empowered and inspired to work with us to achieve common humanitarian goals. We want to simplify and integrate our systems to focus more on delivering our mission. And we want Red Cross people to always share their ideas, to know the connection between what they do and what we achieve together, and to be accountable and able to show the impact of our work through evidence.

80 cents in every dollar raised is going directly to humanitarian outcomes and impacts

We will ensure that [80]* cents of every dollar raised goes directly to funding our humanitarian work. We will do this through smart allocation of our resources to areas of greatest social impact, investing in sustainable capacity and capability. At the same time we will be proud that our financial resources are funding programs that help people in need, and that we are able to measure our impact. These allocations ensure we can properly invest in continuous improvement and innovation, enabling efficiency in the supporting infrastructure of the organisation.

* exact amount to be confirmed

There are diversified multi-year funding streams in place with no single funding source exceeding 50%

Our aim is to diversify funding streams to assist in our ongoing financial sustainability, increase our community impact and limit dependency on any one source of income. This will encourage us to find new and innovative ways to partner with others to design and deliver effective programs.

Through an annual report, we have been transparent with the public each year about what we have achieved, where we have failed and the impact we have delivered

We live in an age of ever increasing transparency and we owe it to ourselves, our partners, funders and the public to be honest and open about what we have achieved each year, where we have failed and the impact we have had. And we will hold ourselves accountable to our goals and what we have said we will do.


Given the wide variety of our activities and the fact we often partner with other organisations, the cost of administering these programs varies greatly as does the cost of raising the funds necessary to run them.

We are committed to operating our programs as efficiently and effectively as possible to ensure we can help the largest number of people possible. Also as a signatory to the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct, we are obliged to meet high standards in financial reporting and transparency.

For more detail on Red Cross’ financial position you can review our annual report, which includes audited accounts. The annual report is available from our website:

Our latest annual report is available here:

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