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International aid resource centre

Want to know how to help after a disaster? Looking for humanitarian aid resources? You'll find something useful here.

How to help in a disaster

Don't let your generosity go to waste
Why donating money is far more effective than sending goods

How Aid (really) Works 
A podcast that gives you real and raw insights from the field

World Disasters Report

The latest thinking on disaster management, together with global disaster statistics, presented each year by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

2016 report: Resilience: saving lives today, investing for tomorrow
2015 report: Local actors at the centre of humanitarian action 
2014 report: Culture and risk 
2013 report: Technology and the future of humanitarian action 
2012 report: Forced migration

Humanitarian aid resources

How to protect children in a disaster response 
Practical guidelines for relief distributions, shelter, health, water and sanitation

Disability inclusion and disaster management 
How to include people with disability in your work

Gender and emergencies 
Practical insights into how gender affects disaster response, shelter, water and sanitation, and adaptation to climate change