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Pacific handbooks

Australian Red Cross and our partner National Societies across the Pacific are working together to engage key decision makers with international humanitarian law (IHL).

Our first country-specific publications are a series of IHL handbooks for parliamentarians that aim to increase understanding of IHL, and encourage parliamentarians and government officials to promote respect for this important body of law. "Pacific Islanders are no longer just Islanders in and of the Pacific Ocean, but Pacific Islanders in the Global Ocean," says Dr Langi Kavaliku, founding member of the University of the South Pacific and former Deputy Prime Minister of Tonga. "There is no doubt there is a need for the application of IHL in the Pacific."

We have also produced a Guide to the Movement for the Republic of Kiribati and for Tuvalu, designed to familiarise parliamentarians with the International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement - building a strong and valuable relationship between these Red Cross Societies and government representatives.

For more information about these resources email Annabel McConnachie, IHL Research Officer