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Healthy food, healthy life

The FoodREDi program helps people learn how to save money on food shopping and eat more healthily, with hands-on guidance on preparing and cooking easy and tasty meals.

Anne* and Will*, two participants in the Coober Pedy FoodREDi program tell us how learning to budget and cook healthy food has changed their lives:

Will's story

Will has taken to the FoodREDi program with gusto since he was referred by his medical carers, who suggested he needed a healthy lifestyle to help him with his health problems. Previously, Will ate takeaway food seven days a week and smoked heavily.

Since joining the FoodREDi program last year, Will has not smoked a single cigarette. He's a true inspiration to the other participants on the program.

"It is helping my health and I have lost weight. There are no other programs that can help me with a healthy diet," he says. Will has now purchased a fridge so that he can budget more easily and cook healthy meals.

Anne's story

Anne cares for four foster children and her house is always full of their friends. "I look after many children, I see many children that are sick and live on take-away food. I want more for the kids in my care, I want them to be healthy so they have a better future," she says.

The FoodREDi program has made a real difference to Anne's life.

"I like that the cooking lessons are hands on because not everyone here can read and write. It is so important to teach younger people even basic things like cooking, they don't seem to be learning it at home. I would like to see all of the younger girls get involved and learn about the cooking and understand how a budget works."

*Names changed.