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Governance information 2019

Guide for nominees: President / Deputy President 

APOLOGIES – the notice circulated to governance members on Monday, 21 October had incorrectly stated that the closing date for nominations was 8 November. This in fact is incorrect and close of nominations, in accordance with Rule 6.9(a)(iv) is at least 30 days prior to the AGM and therefore, Tuesday 29 October 2019. If you have any questions relating to this please contact the Board Secretary as listed below.

Any person who is a Governance Member of the Australian Red Cross Society is eligible to seek election as President/Deputy President of the Society.

The Guide for Nominees, available below, sets out information which a person who is a Governance Member of the Society, and is considering nominating for election as the President/Deputy President of the Society, may take into account in determining whether to accept nomination for election.

It also acts as a source of information for any member of the Council of the Society who is considering proposing, or seconding, the nomination of any Governance Member for election as President/Deputy President of the Society. 

Please find links below to nominations forms, a communication from Ross Pinney inviting nominations and a General Guide for Nominees. 

Prospective nominees should follow the guide and nomination process in the following documents.

Any Nomination Form must be provided to the Board Secretary, Jeni McDonough, no later than 5pm on Tuesday, 29 October 2019.

For more information contact her at:
Jeni McDonough
Board Secretary

Australian Red Cross Society  
GPO Box 9949
Tel: (03) 9345 1887 

A Governance Member of the Society is a financial Member (also includes Life Member or Honorary Life Member) who has elected to participate in the governance of the Society and has been a members for a minimum continuous period of six months as at the date of the nomination and over 18 years of age.