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Breakfast Club - School Program

Learn how Red Cross provides healthy breakfasts to children to help them achieve their best at school.

It's hard to learn at school when your tummy is empty, yet some kids leave home without breakfast.

Australian Red Cross' Breakfast Club provides a healthy start to the day for children who would otherwise go to school hungry. These children live in the areas of greatest need around Australia.

Providing a free healthy breakfast within a school breakfast program helps children achieve their best in the classroom and in the playground.

Breakfast clubs are about more than providing a healthy start to the day. They're a great place for adults to be role models for healthy eating and good hygiene and also provide a safe and welcoming environment.

One of the long-term goals of Red Cross is to support communities to run their own breakfast programs.

Red Cross also works with communities on a broad range of food programs like FoodREDi, a nutrition and budgeting workshop for parents, hygiene education, as well as school community gardens.