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International aid work

Build your humanitarian career at Red Cross.

All over the world, Red Cross staff hit the ground running when disasters strike and conflicts break out. Once a year, Australian Red Cross recruits aid workers to be part of this global standby workforce.

Missions can be anywhere from Fiji and Bangladesh to Iraq, Syria or South Sudan. They range from 1-3 months for crisis responses or 6-18 months for ongoing operations.

We also recruit year-round for specific positions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Roles can range from disaster management to engineering, logistics, public health, shelter, sanitation and communications.

Learn about missions available, what we require and how we support aid workers. Read more »

Current opportunities for offshore staff and the emergency roster »

Our international training courses can help you build the skills and knowledge that underpin a successful career in aid work.

Understand the fundamentals of humanitarian action, learn about protection, gender and disability, and discover how to maintain your own wellbeing in the field.

Podcast: How Aid Works 
Our chart-topping podcast series covers the life cycle of an aid worker.

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