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If you're inspired to create real changes in your community and for the most vulnerable people in the world, taking on a leading role as a Red Cross Young Humanitarian can give you the platform to be heard. More than ever before Young Humanitarians have the opportunity to play a lead role at Australian Red Cross.


Young Humanitarians are leading Red Cross today and tomorrow
With so many ways to lead now and in the future, start the journey by committing to the Youth Advisory Committee in your State or Territory.

Young people have a role in the leadership and management of Red Cross
Young people bring a fresh view and energy and that is vital to our sustainability and that is why we dedicate a position on the board for a Young Humanitarian.

Young Humanitarians play a key role in Red Cross programs and services
Young people work and volunteer for Red Cross by contributing to helping vulnerable people as peer educators and advocates for our work.

Young people are members, volunteers and much more
We invite young people to become Red Cross members, volunteers and opinion leaders to influence change.

Young people are supported
Young people are important to our future and we provide support, such as governance and project management training, for young people to realise their potential as present and future members, volunteers and leaders.

Above Photo: Australian Red Cross/Antony Balmain

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