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Red Cross at the World Humanitarian Summit

We join the global humanitarian community to find solutions for a world in crisis.

Monday May 16, 2016

The search is on for new ways to help the millions displaced each year by conflict and disasters. Photo: Danish Red Cross/Poul Henning Nielsen

The World Humanitarian Summit, held in Istanbul from 23-24 May, will be the first of its kind in history.

The summit brings together world leaders, the private sector and humanitarian agencies, against a backdrop of spiralling humanitarian needs, a massive funding shortfall and the most severe displacement crisis since World War II.

The summit proposes a 'Grand Bargain' where governments and other major donors commit to flexible, multi-year funding arrangements; while aid agencies commit to greater transparency and cost-effectiveness.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has played a key role in shaping the summit's agenda. At the summit, we will ask the world to:

Protect the dignity of every human being
We need to involve people in the relief of their own suffering and the reduction of their risk. To do this, humanitarian agencies must be close to those they help, and build their trust.

Affirm the complementarity of local, national and international action
Local humanitarian agencies - including Red Cross and Red Crescent societies - should lead the responses to crises in their own countries, where it is possible for them to do so. Local and international agencies should work in a complementary way.

Take the long view of people's needs
We need to reduce the need for aid, by supporting communities to grow strong and able to manage risks and prevent crises. This means investing in new ways to build resilience.

Recognise and enable different humanitarian systems
There is no one system to address the world's problems, nor should there be. While collaboration is important, Red Cross' impartiality and independence must be protected so we can continue to access all who need us.

Australian Red Cross is ready to act on recommendations from the World Humanitarian Summit. Many of the issues and innovations being discussed are already part of our work.

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