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Why are these people in Santa hats?

Caption: Kimberley, Jacquie and David celebrate Christmas in July with disaster-hit residents of Sydney's Kurnell.

It wasn't much of a Christmas for many people in Sydney's Kurnell last year when their homes were ripped apart by a tornado, causing $50 million worth of damage.

The community is still recovering from the disaster which brought hail stones the size of tennis balls and winds reaching over 200 kilometers an hour.

So Red Cross has helped at a Christmas in July event in Kurnell, aiming to support locals get back on their feet.

Recovery work so far in Kurnell have seen our people providing personal support at numerous community events, running outreach, a parents and carers group, insurance support forums and even helping people prepare for future events.

"Christmas Carols were cancelled last December after the tornado, so we thought it would be so positive to bring the community together whilst enabling them to talk to us about any issues they may still be experiencing and provide personal support if needed," says Alex Tanfield from Red Cross Emergency Services.

"From here we can see what extra support we can provide."

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