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Life-changing water

Whether it's providing communities in Cambodia with improved access to clean water and safe sanitation or helping people in Laos reduce the devastating impact of water borne diseases, Red Cross is there - thanks to you. But we can only keep providing these vital services with your support.

Your gift would mean a great deal to someone like Mi.

Mi used to carry water three-and-a-half kilometres from the nearest creek every day to help provide for her family - a task that took necessary time away from farming. Now, with a new tank for the village and a toilet for her house, she has more time to grow food to feed her family and her health has also improved.

"Before, I was so tired, I used my head to carry water - I had aches in my legs" says 42-year old Mi. "I worked as a farmer and got up at 5am and finished at 5pm. Now, I have more time in my day to grow food and run my stall at the local market."

The Lao Red Cross had been working in Khantheung village for four years. In 2008, with your help, Australian Red Cross supported the construction of an 18,000 litre tank to pump water from the creek, providing water to 160 families like Mi's. Staff and volunteers also provided maintenance training for the tank.

Donate today to support the everyday work of Red Cross, including delivering clean water to those who need it, and help make a difference to someone like Mi.