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What will it take for you to learn First Aid?

Meet Bill. He is one unlucky worker who finds himself with a paperclip stuck in his eye in our new, tongue-in-cheek First Aid animation. Watch as this one paperclip leads to disaster of epic proportions.

This scenario may be an exaggeration but in truth, First Aid in the workplace is a serious issue.

Every year, 2000 Australian workers die from and 640,000 workers report a work-related injury or illness, costing the economy $60.6 billion.*

What can you do?

Learn First Aid today to avoid a fate like Bill's and make sure you and your colleagues are equipped to deal with First Aid emergencies.

How we can help

As the world's largest provider of First Aid training, Red Cross is the ideal partner for your First Aid and Workplace Compliance needs.

We can ensure your workplace is First Aid ready through:

  • nationally recognised First Aid training
  • online learning options
  • on-site group bookings
  • WHS compliant workplace First Aid kits
  • automated external defibrillators (AED)
  • a single point of contact to deal with all your first aid needs


First aid reduces injury, improves recovery time and saves lives.

*The Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-2022, Safe Work Australia.