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Photo: Australian Red Cross/Conor Ashleigh


Australian Red Cross is changing the way we approach international volunteering.

In the coming months, we will transition out of the Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) program to pursue other models of volunteering.

Why we made this decision

This was an immensely difficult decision for us. Due to recent budget cuts to the Australian aid program, the Australian Government and its AVID program partners have been exploring options to continue the program in a tighter financial environment.

Australian Red Cross has chosen to withdraw from the AVID program and integrate international volunteering with the rest of our humanitarian and development work. We remain committed to volunteering as a crucial part of the work we do, whether in Australia and overseas.

To our partners and volunteers

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We are incredibly proud of what you have accomplished together over the last five years to improve so many lives across Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

In the coming months, we will share your insights and the lessons we have learnt, to shape the future of international volunteering.

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Australian Red Cross will not send any new volunteers overseas through the AVID program. However, we'd still love for you to stay involved with Red Cross. Here are some options 

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