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Volunteer in the Philippines

Boracay lifeguard. Photo: Phil Brown

Improving water safety is a critical step in reducing the impact of disasters.

Red Cross is now seeking skilled volunteers to help Philippines communities recover from Typhoon Haiyan, prepare for future disasters and strengthen community health.  

Assignments are now available with Philippine Red Cross chapters as well as local government.  

Humanitarian Program Officers - 6 assignments (The Visayas) 
Disaster Management and Planning Officer (Kiangan) 
Project Officer - Disaster Management (Albay) 
Water Safety Officer (Antique) 
Geospatial Information Systems Officer (Antique) 
Environment and Energy Development Officer (Visayas)
Nutrition Training Officer (Manila)  

Assignments range from 6-12 months and include living allowances, airfares, insurance, training, health and security.  

The Australian Volunteers for International Development program is open to Australian citizens or permanent residents, or New Zealand citizens with a Special Conditions Visa.

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Typhoon Haiyan appeal

Photo: Australian Red Cross/Phil Brown

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