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Volunteer assignments in Bhutan

Happiness is the greatest currency in Bhutan, our newest volunteer destination.

Red Cross will send volunteers to Bhutan through the Australian Volunteers for International Development program.

Assignments will be advertised in November 2012 and commence in April 2013. Most roles are for 12 months and living allowances and other costs are covered.

About Bhutan

Squeezed between India and China, this little landlocked nation is working hard to strike a balance between development and preservation of its ancient Buddhist culture.

Development is guided by the concept of Gross National Happiness, which puts economic self-reliance, prosperity and happiness ahead of gross national product. The four pillars of Gross National Happiness - sustainable and equitable socioeconomic development, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and good governance - provide one of the world's most unique frameworks for development.

Focus areas

Bhutan has made significant progress by increasing school enrolment rates and improving gender equality in access to education. However Bhutan still needs support to address education quality, teacher shortages, large class sizes and inadequate learning resources.

Seeking: Special Education Teacher; Special Education Teacher - Hearing Impairment; Maths/Science Teacher

Poverty, communicable diseases and a nurses and skilled health workers are among the health challenges in Bhutan. The government is committed to improving primary health care coverage.

Seeking: Dialysis Nurse; Operating Theatre NursePaediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse

Agriculture & Forestry
More than half of the population of Bhutan earns a living off the land. Food insecurity is an issue in rural districts while loss of grain and livestock to pests can hamper industry production.


Photo: John P Kelly/ Stockbyte/ Getty Images