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Humanitarian Aid Work & Development Programs

Vietnam is located in one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world - at regular risk of typhoons, tropical storms and flooding. Over a million people require emergency relief each year.

Australian Red Cross and Vietnam Red Cross are working together to help communities adapt to climate change, and to access safe water and sanitation through humanitarian aid work and development programs.

Coping with climate change

In the Mekong Delta, Red Cross is helping communities in An Giang and Kien Giang provinces to adapt to the effects of a changing climate. This includes developing climate-smart disaster risk management systems and strengthening community resilience to disasters, through infrastructure and sustainable livelihoods.

What I would do if a typhoon comes

My Duyen has joined the emergency response team for her local hamlet. See what she's learnt.

Safe water and sanitation

Together with German Red Cross, we work with communities in northern Vietnam to increase the availability of safe water, support kitchen gardens and other agriculture projects, build latrines in schools and reduce the spread of water-borne diseases.

Where there's water, there's a way

Using puppets and role-plays, Red Cross is teaching children the importance of personal hygiene. Read more.

Strengthening Red Cross

A strong and well-resourced National Society is the best way to reach the most vulnerable people across a country. Australian Red Cross and Vietnam Red Cross are committed to learning from each other and sharing resources, systems, methodologies and best practice. This includes creative methods of evaluation and disaster response training for staff and volunteers.



Photo credits: Joe Cropp, Jess Letch (Australian Red Cross)