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Vietnam Typhoon Wutip 2013

Vo Si Phuc and his family were lucky to escape with their lives when Typhoon Wutip tore through their village in central Viet Nam. They fled their home only minutes before it collapsed in the raging winds and floodwaters in early October. There is nothing left of their home, apart from a pile of rubble.

Phuc's 15-year-old son is helping him to clear the debris and salvage their possessions. He is unable to return to school as the roof of the school building was damaged and his notebooks are still soaked. Unsure when they will be able to afford to rebuild their house, Phuc and his family have been totally reliant upon the goodwill of their neighbours for a place to stay.

Vietnam Red Cross is assisting communities across the centre of the country, after being hit by the destructive typhoon.

At least nine people died and 195 were injured when Typhoon Wutip roared through six provinces. Nearly 220,000 homes and other vital infrastructure like dams and electricity were damaged or destroyed.

Red Cross is assisting thousands of people to cope following the typhoon, with relief supplies such as food, access to safe water, sanitation facilities and shelter.

Phuc's family faces a difficult road ahead. His wife Nguyen Thi Tam, hasn't been able to reopen her small food shop, and she has no idea when she will be back in business. Neither do they know how or when they will repair their collapsed home. Phuc's village is no stranger to typhoons which regularly hit central Viet Nam. "The damage in previous years was insignificant, but now there's nothing left to lose," he says.

A resident looks on from her flooded home after the devastating typhoon Wutip hit central Vietnam. (Vietnam Red Cross)

Typhoon Wutip caused widespread damage to crops and livestock, affecting local people and their ability to earn an income in the months ahead.

Before the typhoon's heavy winds, rain and floods, Vietnam Red Cross staff and volunteers also worked with communities to prepare for the disaster, minimising risk of injuries, loss of life and damage to property. Around 100,000 people were evacuated ahead of the typhoon, with Red Cross assistance.

Australian Red Cross is on standby to support Vietnam Red Cross.

Australian Red Cross has a longstanding program with Vietnam Red Cross, working with communities to better prepare for disasters as well as improving community health practices and supporting better access to safe water and sanitation. It is on standby to support Vietnam Red Cross with this operation.

Red Cross supports communities, particularly those most in need, to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies in Australia and around the world.

Making a donation to Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery supports the work that Red Cross Emergency Services do every day in Australia and wherever we are needed around the world.

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Main Photo: Vietnam Red Cross volunteers assist people in a house destroyed by Typhoon Wutip. (Vietnam Red Cross)